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Taipan Training Services offers a wide range of online training courses to help the industry get the best out of the Taipan range and increase its knowledge of Hydraulic systems. 

 Our online learning centre is an excellent resource for a practical, well-structured method to understanding hydraulics, including easy-to-follow videos with practical explanations of hydraulic topics. These training courses will help you understand the basics of hydraulic hose assemblies and their components. By the end of the course you should also have an understanding of Taipan’s product part number system and how it works.

The courses are broken into easy to complete modules with sub modules for the areas with large content, along with a final completion explanation module to enable you to continue your practical learning. You can start and stop the course as you need to, so you can learn at your own pace and in a time that best suits you and your business needs.

In addition to the introductory hydraulics course, we will also be offering supplementary courses designed to assist you with the day to day running of your business in areas which will enhance both your own skills, knowledge and operations and those of your staff.

We trust that you will find these courses informative, enjoyable and interesting and we look forward to hearing your feedback.


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