Annual Leave

Annual leave management is an important part of the business to ensure employees are provided time for rest and relaxation to maintain well-being during their working life.

An employee can take paid annual leave when the employee’s manager has authorised the leave and the employee’s leave balance equals at least the amount of leave they want to take. After one years’ service, a permanent employee is entitled to take 20 days paid annual leave.

Employees wishing to take annual leave must complete a Leave Application Form via the WorkZone app or Wiise Payroll website (instructions provided in the Company Policy). Once completed it must be approved by the appropriate manager.

Taipan can direct an employee to take leave if the employee has a large accumulated annual leave balance, in excess of 4 weeks for an employee working 40 hours per week over a two year period.

Public Holidays or Sickness occurring during Annual Leave
An employee will not be paid annual leave during a day or part of a day that is a public holiday¬†which falls during the period of the employee’s absence from work on annual leave. If a public holiday falls during a period when an employee is absent from work, the employee’s annual leave accrual will not be reduced by that day or period.