Discipline and Dismissal

Taipan has put into place disciplinary policies and procedures which allow investigation of any under-performance and provide the chance for an employee to achieve set performance criteria.

This is an integral part of the Taipan performance management (Catch Up) process.

Taipan has the right to dismiss any employee without notice for serious misconduct and in such cases any entitlements under this workplace agreement or award are to be paid up to the time of dismissal only.

Disciplinary Action

 Level 1: Summary Dismissal.

  • Under the influence of alcohol and or drugs in the workplace.
  • Use of company vehicles and/or equipment under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Knowingly exposing other members of the public and/or staff to life threatening situations.
  • Theft or willful destruction of company property.
  • Abuse and or Assault of a customer or co-worker.
  • Acting in an unsafe manner, which has the potential to cause safety issues for not only you but also to other members of the workforce or public in general.
  • Discrimination or any offence committed under the criminal code.

Level 2.

  • Bad work ethic.
  • Failure to notify supervisors of inability to attend work.
  • Disrespectful approaches/behaviour to customers and work colleagues.
  • Failure to comply, abide by and accept the issues and codes of conduct as stated in The Codes of Conduct.

Level 3.

  • Failure to complete appropriate paper work.
  • Inappropriate presentation and dress.
  • Failure to apply and work in producing a cohesive results driven team.

Suspension – with or without pay.

Under the discipline procedure, in cases of serious misconduct or corrupt conduct that require immediate action, you may be temporarily suspended or terminated.