Hazardous Substances

Hazardous Substance – is a substance, which is either:

  • A risk to health and is listed on the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission’s list of Designated Hazardous Substances, or has been classified by the manufacturer.
  • A substance listed in the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road or Rail. These substances are referred to as Dangerous Goods.

Taipan has guidelines for all workers regarding hazardous substances. All hazardous substances will have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available; this must be read prior to using the substance. It is your responsibility to fully understand the safe handling guidelines described on the Safety Data Sheet for its correct and safe use, first aid, transportation and storage and the correct procedures should a spill or contamination occur.

Taipan management are responsible for implementing a system for controlled purchasing of chemicals.

If Taipan workers intend to use prohibited or notifiable carcinogens they shall first have a permit from the governmental authority.

 Safe work practices

Safe work practices shall be implemented for all chemicals such as:

Safe disposal:

  • Waste minimisation practices should be encouraged through purchasing smaller quantities, using minimum quantities and sharing chemical resources where practicable.
  • Disposal down sinks is prohibited.


If a hazardous substance spills or contamination occurs, contact these following emergency services:

  • Emergency                                                   000
  • Poisons information centre               131 126
  • Fire                                                                  000
  • Ambulance                                                  000

Any incident should then subsequently be reported to Sherm (Manage Risk/Risk Management/Manage Risk Hazards/Add Hazard/Fill out the required fields and save)

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