Untidy workplaces pose serious hazards.

It is the responsibility of all employees and contractors to ensure appropriate standards of housekeeping are maintained at all times.

This standard applies to all sites where Taipan workers are working, regardless of whether this involves the workshop, administration or special project areas.

  • Work areas are kept clean
  • Walkways, work platforms etc. are kept clear of potential hazards
  • Tools, leads, equipment and materials must be kept clear of pedestrian and traffic areas to minimise risks and hazards
  • All rubbish to be placed in the appropriate bins / receptacles
  • Any spilt liquids will immediately be identified and the appropriate MSDS (Material DataSafety Sheet) will be understood. Disposing of and cleaning of any spilt liquids will be performed in accordance with the appropriate MSDS provided. All spills will be cleaned up using appropriate materials and disposed of in the correct manner. This incident or hazard will then be recorded onto Sherm
  • Tools and equipment will be put away in their appropriate storage cabinet on completion of use (where applicable)
  • All pallet racking which is classified under Australian Standards requires annual auditing
  • All deliveries must be stored in the allocated storage area as soon as possible. Under no circumstances are delivered goods to be temporarily placed or stored in any access areas, walkways or in front of emergency exits, of fire-fighting equipment
  • Access to all electrical switchboards, fire-fighting equipment, emergency exits must be kept clear at all times

Remember – Messy workplace, messy headspace!