Internet, Social Media and Email Policy

Employees are provided with access to the company’s computer and telecommunications system to enable them to do their job properly. Any inappropriate or unauthorised use can severely degrade the performance and has the potential to introduce viruses.  Any use of the system to access internet sites that are offensive, or material which vilifies groups or individuals is strictly forbidden.

No discriminatory or harassing material is to be accessed or transmitted.

Anybody using Taipan’s computer network are required to comply with the Internet and Email Policy, Social Media Policy and Mobile Phone Policy. Disciplinary action will be taken with those who breach the company’s code.

Electronic mail (Email) messages are company records. Email messages have the same status as any written communications.

Use of the company’s computer system needs to be consistent with Taipan’s Mission and Values.

Suspect Electronic Mail

Any electronic mail received by an employee or contractor that appears to be of dubious origin, source or nature or is considered to contain questionable content/material is not to be opened without the prior approval of management.


The company may engage in monitoring of electronic mail, internet access or other electronic files created by employees and subcontractors. This may be done for security reasons and the management of the network. Monitoring of electronic communications, electronic files created and internet usage may also occur for the purposes of employee supervision. As an employee, you consent to this activity.

Labelling of Electronic Mail (Email) Messages

Personal email must be labelled as such, when personal emails are sent using the company’s system employees must specifically label the email as personal, or must send the personal messages only by a means that clearly identifies the messages as being personal in nature.

Signature files or message text must disclose limitations of the employee’s authority. Employees must use signature files, in messages sent to third parties, which make clear any limitations on the extent to which the messages from the employee may be understood to have been sent on behalf of the company.


It is in Taipan’s best interests to keep a close eye on passwords. If you have access to change any password on any program, device, PC, Laptop etc, please notify the Systems Administrator of the new password immediately.


Downloading of computer programs whether they are for personal or business use is not permissible unless you are specifically authorised to do so by your manager or Taipan’s IT service provider.

Mobile Phone

Staff who are issued a mobile phone as part of their job are permitted to use the phone during the course of their work. No personal calls should be undertaken during work hours. The use of mobile phones for personal use during work hours should be kept to a minimum and limited to work breaks if possible. International phone calls are not permitted without prior consent.


Staff issued with an iPad as a part of their job are permitted to use the iPad within reason, for both work and personal use, providing that the above criteria are adhered to. All iPads should be set up to link with an iCloud account for the purposes of being able to backup data to our server and not lose valuable information. All iPads must use an iTunes login approved by Taipan, and Taipan must have full access to these accounts. Taipan’s approved iTunes accounts should not be used on personal devices; all information linked to that account will be wiped from personal devices remotely.

Care and Maintenance

All staff issued with access to any of Taipan’s assets including but not limited to Desktop Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, iPads, Printers etc. are responsible for them whilst it is in their possession or being used by them. Any misuse of these, resulting in damage to these devices may be held responsible to the individual. All assets are supplied to you in good working order. If at the end of your employment you have any of these assets in your care, they must be returned to the Systems Administrator prior to cessation of employment. No payouts will be processed until all assets are returned and found in good working order.