Personal Leave


Personal leave combines sick leave and carer’s leave.

All permanent staff will accrue 2 weeks (10 days) per annum paid personal leave for each completed year of service, or part thereof accrued on a pro-rata basis.

Untaken personal leave will accumulate from year to year.

There is no limit on the amount of carer’s leave that can be taken in any 12 month period provided the employee has accrued sufficient personal leave. Carer’s leave is only to be used for looking after a member of the employee’s immediate family.

Medical certificates must be submitted for paid personal leave when any time off on personal leave extends beyond one working day and or before and after public holiday weekends. Certificates must be signed by a registered health practitioner. Taipan can request a medical certificate from employees deemed to be taking excessive personal leave on a regular basis and or before and after weekends.

An employee must notify their manager as soon as reasonably practical when taking personal leave, unless the circumstances are beyond the employee’s control. Employees wishing to take personal leave must submit their request via the WorkZone app or the Wiise Payroll website.