Personnel Files

All employees will have a centralised personnel file (strictly confidential and access will be limited to only authorised individuals).

Employee files will contain: The signed Letter of Offer; whether an employee’s employment is full-time, part-time, temporary or casual, the number of hours to be worked by an employee per week and the actual hours worked, pay records including salary adjustments, superannuation contributions record including super fund election, annual leave records, personal and other leave records, correspondence relevant to the employee’s employment with Taipan, evidence of Australian citizenship or permanent residence status, police/medical checks, termination records, performance reviews, catchups and a copy of all relevant licences and licence check forms.

For Emergency purposes, certain personal details will be made available to all current staff in an Employee Contact Details and Emergency Information register. Under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 you have the right to elect to withhold your personal details from this register, with access then only available to authorised individuals. Please notify HR personnel if you wish to review what of your information is made available on this register.