Risk Management Policy

Taipan is committed to managing all risks and hazards that may have an adverse effect on staff, the business, and customers.


Hazard: an occurrence/process that has the potential to cause injury or illness to staff, the public or plant and equipment.

Risk: the likelihood of injury to people, plant and equipment arising from the hazard.

Should a risk be noticed of a significantly high potential for damage, the equipment is to be shut down and the area cleared and management notified immediately.

All hazards should be reported on the Sherm database (Manage RiskRisk ManagementManage Risk HazardsAdd HazardComplete the Hazard Report)

For all other hazards with a lower level of risk, report these under the Issue Management section of Sherm and follow the same procedure for producing a report.

Emergency Phone Numbers: 

  • Emergency, Fire, Ambulance : 000
  • Poisons Information: 131 126

This policy encompasses all work carried out by Taipan staff and sub-contractors.