Safety in the Office

In order to ensure the health, safety and welfare needs of all our employees and visitors, Taipan will consider office areas to be as important as all other area of our operations.

Taipan will take steps to analyse what is specifically required in each workstation so as to design an environment in which there is enough room for typing and writing activities, as well as other relevant tasks.


Measures Taipan follow for a safe office space:

  • All computer towers are to be situated on the floor rather than on the desk
  • Depth and breadth of the desks will be considered according to both duties and the nature of work being conducted
  • Plugs and cabling are to be organised so as to not impede the movements of employees or serve as a fire hazard
  • Sufficient filing space is to be provided to allow for proper storage of all documentation (fire hazards could arise from not properly storing documentation and allowing it to accumulate in the workstation)
  • Taipan will ensure that chairs and desks are ergonomically compatible with the height, breadth and reach of each user
  • It is important that the office lighting is not just restricted to the immediate working area of the employee (i.e. the workstation), but that steps are also taken to improve lighting in hallways, stairs and employee amenities

Taipan encourages feedback from its employees regarding any ergonomic improvements to be made in the office, to achieve the safest and most comfortable working space possible.