Vehicle Policy

No person other than an employee of Taipan shall be permitted to drive a company vehicle, (except in circumstances of personal safety, grave illness or the like) without the express permission of the management. Failure to comply with this can invalidate insurance. The carriage of passengers unless they are work related is not acceptable unless authorised by management.

It is an express condition of employment by Taipan that all employees hold and/or maintain a current driver’s licence issued by the state in which you are employed and based.

The company, at its discretion, may terminate the employment of an employee who does not hold, loses or fails to maintain a current driver’s licence where such an employee is required as part their duties, to hold such a licence.

It is a condition of your employment that should you drive a company vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs you accept full responsibility for all damage should an incident occur in the vehicle you are operating.

Traffic Infringements 

  • It is the driver’s responsibility to operate and park the company vehicle in a legal manner. The driver of the vehicle will be responsible for the payment of any traffic infringements incurred.
  • If a company vehicle is involved in an infringement whereby the driver is not identified (e.g. speed or red light camera), it will be referred to the employee to whom the vehicle is assigned.

Accidents / Insurance

  • All accidents must be reported to your manager and or the Financial Controller as soon as practically possible after the accident occurrence.
  • A full accident report must be completed and lodged on Sherm.